Richard Davis

Runner (since November 2012)
Eastbourne Rover
parkrunner and volunteer
UKA Event Adjudicator
Co-Founder of We Run They Run I Run

I’m an ordinary runner, who ventured outdoors to run for the first time in 2012. I’m a club runner, but am by no means professional, elite, or the quickest. I generally run 3-4 times a week, as this is what fits in with my life. Inspired by others, I’ve worked hard and been able to improve my fitness and smash some goals. This blog is just my thoughts, there is no right or wrong. Take advice, listen, but importantly choose what works for you, that’s what I do.


1m: 5:17
5k: 18:03
5m: 31:49
10k: 39:26
10m: 74:38
Half: 87:56
20m: 2:31:38
Marathon: 3:26:42
Longest Run: 75 miles (Endure 24 solo)


5k: 17:59
Half: 82:59
Marathon: 3:19:59

Coming up

03/03/2019 Eastbourne Half Marathon (pacer)
10/03/2019 Lydd Half Marathon
15/06/2019 Endure 24
13/10/2019 Palma Marathon


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